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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Throw Bush In Jail?

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(Hat Tip: Blogs for Bush)

THE HAGUE (AFP) - A court in The Hague turned down a demand by a dozen plaintiffs who wanted to force the Dutch government to arrest US President George W. Bush when he visits the Netherlands Saturday, the judgement made public said...

The plaintiffs, mostly left-wing organisations and activists, accused Bush of "numerous grave violations of the Geneva Conventions". They also said the president is responsible for the deaths of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq and Washington's refusal to recognize the International Criminal Court (ICC), the world's first permanent war crimes court.

The court ruled that the case was political and "could have far-reaching consequences for US-Dutch relations." Fortunately it seems that the Dutch government has some common sense left in it's judicial system, as arresting President Bush would be an act of war against America (and that nation better have nuke's to defend itself with). Blogs for Bush has an excellent comment in regards to these "lefties" (or progressive's as they now call themselves) towards their ridiculous claim.

So let me see if I understand this correctly... These left wing nuts prefer the Taliban in power, and Saddam Hussein's regime, complete with mass graves of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis?

It seems like they would. Removing governments from power that were harming their own people (Taliban, Baathist's in Iraq) has done more good for mankind than tolerating their behavior towards their own people. If one doubts these claims, they can simply ask bloggers from Iraq and Afghanistan to see what their perception is about their former governments (now that they actually have the freedom to speak out against them). Tell them why Bush should be arrested and they will probably cuss you out.

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I would like to respond on your message about: "Throw Bush in Jail?" First I would like to say that I am Dutch too. And I have heared of this group of peaple. (named: Bush-Busters) I totaly agree with there point of vieuw.
What I also would like to tell you is that you have no idee how Europeans look to Bush. We hate him. It's not fair when you see on TV: "9 Americans died in Irak today" yeah, and what about the Iraqi peaple? They live there, they can't escape. And even there cilderen are dying there becose of the Americans.
You say also that we Dutch like the Taliban and other terrorists groups. That's not treu. But Bush is seen here in the same line like the Terrorists. And even in the same line as Adolf Hitler. Hitler killed so many Jews, and Bush is killing so many Iraqi's/Afghan. (Saddam is seen also in this line)
Bush his own words are: You're for us, or you're against us.
The Dutch peaple don't agree with Bush, so we have no oter way then to be against him. (he said it)

I could continue a long time with talking about this subject.
And yes, I do think Bush is a war criminal.
I you would discuss this much furder, please feel free to have a chat with me: girlfromthewild@hotmail.com

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:52 PM EDT  

Hating him is not enough reason to throw him in jail and claiming that he has killed "many iraqis" is like saying North Korea adequately feeds their people.

Bush (as well as Howard and Blair) have done more for the human race as far as freedom goes than most of Europe's theories of utopia. Provide some evidence and you may gain my ear again.

By Blogger Darnell Clayton, at 4:29 PM EDT  

Bush has began a war with lies.
The thing I am wondering as an European is: Why should Saddam Hussein not beiing allowed to have wappens of mass destruction, and the USA may have them.
Those wapens bring only suffer. And both country's have used them once. So why has the USA still have them?
Is it that they whant to be a world power, and to be the only one with nucliar wapens?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:46 AM EDT  

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