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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Jim Carrey...New Movie?

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It appears that Jim Carrey will star in a new movie titled "A series of Unfortunate Events" (see source link above) which will not doubt reveal another wacky side of this multi-facial comedian.

In order to view the site one will need to have Macromedia flash already installed onto their site.

After previewing the web address the only reward this author received was this prize after finding an "eye ball."

Oh well, maybe better luck next time. Selah!

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Liar, Liar? Mind on fire?

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According to researchers a new brain scan may be able to determine whether or not a person is telling the truth. The researches were using a new type of technology using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to shed some light on the activity inside one's mind when people lie.

Radiological Society of North America
Dr. Scott Faro, director of the Functional Brain Imaging Center at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia) and other colleagues tested 10 volunteers who were asked to shoot a toy gun with six of them were asked to lie about it.

Three others who watched told the truth about what happened and one volunteer dropped out of the study. The nine brave volunteers were then hooked up to an fMRI who mapped their brains as they gave out their testimony. Here is the rest of the report from MSNBC (see source link above).

There were clear differences between the liars and the truth-tellers, Faro's team told a meeting in Chicago of the Radiological Society of North America.

"We found a total of seven areas of activation in the deception
(group)," he said. "We found four areas of activity in the truth-telling arm."

Overall, it seemed to take more brain effort to tell the lie than to tell the truth, Faro found.

Lying caused activity in the frontal part of the brain --- the medial inferior and pre-central areas, as well as the hippocampus and middle temporal regions and the limbic areas. Some of these are involved in emotional responses, Faro said.

During a truthful response, the fMRI showed activation of parts of the brain's frontal lobe, temporal lobe and cingulate gyrus.

(click on interactive)
Faro said the study was small and limited. Volunteers were not asked to try especially hard to deceive the equipment, he said -- noting that it has been documented that some people can fool a polygraph using various techniques.

Using fMRI as a lie detector is expensive, but it may be worthwhile in some cases -- such as trying to question a terrorism suspect, or in a high-profile corporate crime case, Faro said.

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Monday, November 29, 2004

Iran escaping sanctions...

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It looks like Iran has escaped the U.N. sanctions that the U.S. threatened to bring against it. The United Nations ironically declared that the sanctions were voluntary and that they were a "confidence-building measure and not a legally binding commitment."

Photo by Herwig Prammer/Reuters
This measure has eliminated the IAEA's claim (as well as the U.S.) that Iran is playing games with the U.N. The U.S. is seeking to bring this before the Security Council on it's own.

This is quite disturbing as Iran continues to play "musical nukes" with the rest of the world. What many nations fail to realize is that a while ago Israel threatened to take action against Iran (or at least hinted) if the U.N. or America delayed in taking the necessary steps to contain Iran. Israel sees a regime hostile towards its existence and will take whatever measures necessary in order to secure her future.(Source)

Photo by Raheb Homavandi/Reuters
Iranian men burn a British flag outside the British embassy in
Tehran, November 29, 2004. Some 500 members of Iran's conservative Basij volunteer militia pelted the British Embassy with stones and firecrackers, protesting that Iran sold out to Europe on its nuclear program.

Hopefully the U.S. and it's allies will react to the situation fast enough before it is too late. Selah.

By Darnell Clayton • 9:00 PM • Email Post • •


U.N. Resolution 181

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Today marks the anniversary of the U.N. resolution that partitioned western Palestine into a predominately Jewish state and a predominately Arab state. The plan was approved by 33 nations with 13 against and 10 nations abstaining. (see source link above)

UN Vote (Audio)

The very next day terrorist attacks were carried out against Israel claiming six lives on a bus headed towards Israel and another in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. This would begin the inevitable conflict between Israel and her Arab enemies claiming 1% of the Jewish population (6,000 people) which is equivalent to 3 million people dying in the US.

Israel, America's sister democracy has since then survived several wars afterward, defying the oppositions viewpoint and defending it's right to exist as a nation, culture and a people.

Participating Sites

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sharon...talking to Palestine?

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It looks like Ariel Sharon will be meeting with the Palestinian Authority over the withdrawal of the Gaza Strip. Sharon plans to meet with Abbas after the January elections (January 9) which will take place in Palestine. One thing Abbas will need to concentrate on is controlling terrorists. If this is handled properly, then Abbas can avoid having his people being walled off from Israel Proper as a result of the terrorism Israel faces from her enemies. Selah.

Ariel Sharon (File Photo)

By Darnell Clayton • 7:07 PM • Email Post • •


Saturday, November 27, 2004

Ukraine Election Pain

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The Ukrainian parliament declared that the contested election between the incumbent and pro-western opponent to be invalid. Although the parliament has no legal "power," their declaration carries with it a lot of political weight. Yushchenko (pro western) and his supporters want a new election by December 12, but legal challenges are still pending in their Supreme Court.

Photo by Gleb Garanich/Reuters

Photo by Gleb Garanich/Reuters
Supporters of Ukraine's opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko rally outside parliament's building in Kiev, November 27, 2004.

Photo by Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters

Supporters of Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich shout slogans during a meeting in Kiev November 27, 2004.

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Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

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Friday, November 26, 2004

Not Good...

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Not good at all. According to medical scientists are predicting a world wide pandemic likely to be triggered by the bird flu virus that hit Asia this year.
"I believe we are closer now to a pandemic than at any time in recent years," said Shigeru Omi, regional director for the Western Region of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Photo by Kham/Reuters
Ducks are displayed for sale at a poultry market in Hanoi, November
26, 2004. Every country in the world must come up urgently with a plan to deal with an inevitable influenza pandemic likely to be triggered by the bird flu virus that hit Asia this year, a top global health expert said.
"No country will be spared once it becomes a pandemic," he told a news conference.
"History has taught us that influenza pandemic occur on a regular cycle, with one appearing every 20 to 30 years. On this basis, the next one is overdue," he said at a conference of 13 Asian health ministers trying to figure out how to avoid one.
Well, hopefully you are one of those people able to acquire a vaccine fast enough. According to Omi, unless nations work together to fight this latest disease, the consequences could be severe. Selah.

By Darnell Clayton • 8:41 PM • Email Post • •


Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Third Branch

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It appears that the Supreme court of the Ukrainian government has blocked, or rather refused to recognize the official publishing of the election results from this controversial election. Yushchenko who is challenging the results is saying that their has been mass fraud, something the EU and US (as well as Canada) have been saying. Hopefully they can resolve the situation without a major strike, let alone a civil war.

Photo by Gleb Garanich/Reuters

A supporter of Ukraine's opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko
places flowers into the shields of riot policemen standing outside the
presidential office in Kiev, November 25, 2004. Ukraine's highest court blocked the inauguration of the Moscow-backed prime minister as president, putting fresh wind in the sails of his liberal opponent who has led street protests to overturn his election.

By Darnell Clayton • 2:52 PM • Email Post • •


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Democracy at it's worst.

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With the elections in Ukraine at dispute, the liberal (pro-Western) is calling for a general strike across the nation as the election results revealed "mass fraud" across the country. The current Prime Minister warned that Ukraine could face a civil war.

Photo by Pool/Reuters
Ukraine's opposition leader and pro-Western presidential candidate
Viktor Yushchenko (R) looks on before addressing his supporters during a rally in central Kiev, November 24, 2004.
Meanwhile in the US, Colin Powell notified the government that they would not recognize the election as legitimate and possibly get "tough" with the new administration. Hopefully Urkraine resolves this issue shortly, as this election finds Russia and the US on opposite sides of the fence.

By Darnell Clayton • 7:19 PM • Email Post • •


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Rather Chatter...

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It looks like Dan Rather is leaving CBS. After 40 years of delivering to the public information (how ever skewed) news about the world he is apparently stepping down because of his flawed reporting over the CBS story about the President's National Guard record.

CBS News anchor Dan Rather. (AP Photo/Suzanne Plunkett)

Although Rather is stepping down this should be a good thing for CBS as it is suffering in ratings ever since the incident. This will prove a major victory for Bush backers and a loss to the liberal elite. Selah!

By Darnell Clayton • 8:47 PM • Email Post • •


Monday, November 22, 2004

Iran...away...from nukes?

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It appears that Iran has suspended "sensitive" nuclear activities that could be used to make a bomb. Iran responded when the US Administration threatened to bring them before the U.N. for sanctions while in the meantime the E.U. promised Tehran better ties with the continent.

Photo by Reuters (Handout)

Employees work in the Isfahan nuclear facility, 240 miles south
of Tehran November 20, 2004.

IAEA inspectors are verifying the suspension and plan to confirm the results to the E.U. Iran made a similar promise, which it later on broke to France, Britain and Germany in October of 2003. Iran considers the freeze of it's activities temporarily and will review the suspension in three months as it considers it's nuclear activities a "sovereign right." Selah.

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

That's My Bush!

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At a dinner in Chile (Santiago) President Bush stepped into the middle of a confrontation and pulled his lead Secret Service agent away from Chilean security officials who barred his bodyguards from entering an elegant dinner for 21 world leaders Saturday night.

Apparently there was a pushing and shoving match which fortunately didn't resort to hand-to-hand combat between the Secret Service and what would be the end of a Chilean security officer. Instead of continuing on towards the dinner, Bush reached through the mob and pulled his Security guard through. Selah!

For video presentation check out Daily Recycler's Blog.

By Darnell Clayton • 3:40 PM • Email Post • •


Saturday, November 20, 2004

Asian Sensation?

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With protests going on in the Chilean capital of Santiago (from the economic summit), President Bush visited Chinese President Hu Jintao and other key allies in Santiago. The talk of the day besides a more level playing field with China was North Korea. China has been a great help at getting North Korea to the table and Bush is hoping that with their cooperation Korea can become a nuclear free peninsula.

REUTERS/Jason Reed

U.S. President George W. Bush shakes hands with Chinese President Hu Jintao in a bilateral meeting in Santiago. Bush is in Santiago for the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders meeting.

Hopefully President Bush can accomplish these goals which will not only help strengthen our Chinese allies, but will also help fight the war on terror. Selah!

By Darnell Clayton • 3:10 PM • Email Post • •


Friday, November 19, 2004

Peace...we hope.

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After decades of civil war (perhaps the longest in history) Sudanese Vice President Ali Osman Taha (right) and southern rebel leader John Garang (left) made peace (at least on paper) in front of the 15 U.N. Security Council ambassadors in Nairobi today.

Photo by Antony Njuguna/Reuters

The Security Council met away from it's NY home for the first time in 14 years and unanimously adopted a resolution promising political and substantial economic support for Sudan (Islamic North, Christian South, Animalist West).

Photo by Thomas Mukoya/Reuters

A Sudanese refugee child in Kenya holds a banner during a demonstration in support of the U.N. Security Council meeting in Nairobi.

Promises by both leaders have been made before; however there may be a shimmer of hope that peace can at last reach a region devastated by war that has left millions dead. Selah.

By Darnell Clayton • 3:18 PM • Email Post • •


Presidential Party!

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"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" ~Psalms 133:1~

Now this is interesting! To see President Clinton, President Carter and the Bush's (Father & Son) all dwelling together in the rain and appreciating each other's company. Despite their fierce rhetoric during the campaign trail, it is clear that if these guys can get along together, then perhaps the world can as well.

Gary Hershorn /Reuters

Former President Bill Clinton, with President Bush, left, former President George H.W. Bush, second left, and former President Jimmy Carter.

This picture inspires me to reach out towards my fellow Democrats...although in the next four months we will be arguing about frivolous things ranging from abortion to the economy, it is okay. For now their is peace. Selah!

By Darnell Clayton • 1:38 AM • Email Post • •


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Whose the turkey now?

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President Bush today pardoned two turkey's named Biscuits and Gravy from being devoured on thanksgiving day. The turkeys are from Mathias, West Virginia and were raised on American Corn.

"It was a close race. You might say it was neck and neck," Bush said. He spoke in the Rose Garden during a rare joint appearance with Vice President Dick Cheney.

With much of the world focused on negativity ranging from Russia's nuclear advancement towards the break down of talks in Palestine, it is refreshing to hear some good news every once in a while. Selah!

By Darnell Clayton • 6:08 PM • Email Post • •


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

More "Rice" for you?

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After what appears to be a clear indication that the Bush Administration is getting serious with it's agenda, the President appointed Condoleeza Rice as Secretary of State, replacing Colin Powell and changing the way the US appears to the world.

"It will increase the U.S. policy's determination and drive to finish what it started such as (pushing for) democratic reform, and building a new Iraq," Al-Baghli said.

"With (Palestinian leader) Yasser Arafat gone, and moderate and realistic leaders hopefully taking over, we hope that the American administration decides to solve that issue, especially that Rice has good relations with the Israeli leadership."
Rice's appointment is being welcomed by many nations ranging from Israel to France, where she was highly praised by their foreign minister.

"Condi Rice is a woman of character," said Michel Barnier, who
became France's foreign minister in March, replacing Dominique de Villepin -- the main face of France's opposition to the Iraq war.

"With the United States, the moment has come to rebuild, to renew this
trans-Atlantic relationship," he said.
It is looking like Condi's appointment will go a long way for the Bush Administration, and whether you agree with it or not no one can refute that her new appointment will probably affect American history to come. Selah!

By Darnell Clayton • 8:11 PM • Email Post • •


Monday, November 15, 2004

Unique Changes?

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There seems to be a lot going about in the headlines today. First, a man sets himself on fire in front of the White House. Then in Iraq, a marine is being investigated for killing a wounded prisoner in a mosque. And going back to the white house today, Colin Powell has officially resigned from being Secretary of State but will remain in the position until a successor is named (I suspect Condoleezza Rice will take over though).

Photo by Mannie Garcia/Reuters

Some Good News!!

But, lest the world become depressed over recent happenings, several other changes, although not as significant (depending on your viewpoint) have happened as well. First, scientists have discovered another black hole in the milky way galaxy. Yahoo is deciding to up their storage in their email from 100 megabytes to 250 megabytes in order to compete against Hotmail and Gmail. And speaking of Gmail, I have one invite for the first person to subscribe and respond to this post. Selah!

By Darnell Clayton • 8:24 PM • Email Post • •


Friday, November 12, 2004

A fallen Leader...A divided region

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It seems that the loss of Arafat has thrown a power vacuum in the Palestinian territories. Crowds gathered and mourned for their leader who had lifted their hope for state hood as well as smuggled billions of dollars away from them into private accounts (which his family will be unable to use).

Photo by Loay Abu Haykel/Reuters

Arafats wife mourned for him at an airport, and Israel itself beefed up security in order to prevent retaliatory attacks carried out in his name. Although Arafat has won the Nobel Peace prize (although ironically he himself is responsible for much of the instability in the region) he will be remembered mostly for the way he carried himself as leader of a terrorist regime. The US and UK are now reaching out to the PA, in hopes that dialogue will now be brokered by moderate PA leaders. Selah.

By Darnell Clayton • 1:24 PM • Email Post • •


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Google Domination (Gmail)

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It appears that Google is yet again dominating the internet industry. Although Gmail is quickly becoming the email of choice among internet users, Google is reported to producing another round of ammo by allowing Gmail users to check their email using Outlook.

Although Google already dominates Microsoft in search results (source) by allowing it's users (including me) to explore the wonders of the internet, Google is also going to give out anti-virus protection and a calendar as well as HTML within its Gmail service.

As a bonus to everyone out there who is able to read this article I am blessing the first three subscribers with Gmail invites. Just simply subscribe and post and I'll send you a gmail invite. Selah!

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ashcroft Resigns...and more...

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Depending on whether you are red or blue, this news may touch your heart (or cause joy). Ashcroft has officially resigned as part of Bush's Administration (due to health problems).

Associates and aides have described Attorney General John Ashcroft as worn down by the war on terror.
Susan Walsh, AP

Ashcroft served as Attorney General and presided over the controversial "USA Patriot Act" which broadened the powers of government into the private lives of citizens. Although I do not personally support such measures, I would probably want no one else to proside over this position save Ashcroft. He will be missed by all...

Iraqi Source Link

In Fallujah (Iraq) soldiers kept up the pressure on terrorists in an effort to rid them before elections are held in January. Soldiers faced little resistance, or rather much less than expected.

Iraqi troops with U.S. Marines prepare to move into the
Sunni Muslim city of Fallujah, November 9, 2004. Thousands of U.S. and Iraqi troops backed by heavy air support and armour have stormed into the Sunni Muslim city of Fallujah on Tuesday in the second major offensive in seven months to try to recapture the insurgent stronghold. The picture is from embedded photographer accompanying U.S. military. [Reuters]

By Darnell Clayton • 10:24 PM • Email Post • •


Monday, November 08, 2004

You go Suha!

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Despite my huge dislike for Arafat (and what he has done for the Palestinian's in general) I do admire one facet about him--his wife Suhu. She is currently fighting to keep Arafat away from his own government officials who might decide to pull the plug on their "fearless leader."

Yasser Arafat's wife Suha accused Palestinian leaders on November 8, 2004 of plotting to "bury him alive," but they decided to go ahead with a visit to the critically ill Palestinian president at a French military hospital. Suha is seen in Ramallah October 28.

Photo by Nir Elias/Reuters

The dispute over this argument is probably over the millions (if not billions) that Arafat has "diverted" from the PA into his private bank accounts in foreign countries. Despite my great distaste of the dictator, my friends from Jericho are urging everyone to pray for Arafat's health. Selah.

By Darnell Clayton • 6:14 PM • Email Post • •


Sunday, November 07, 2004

Peace of Mind...

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It looks like Yasser Arafat will be passing away pretty soon. Although he is brain dead, the Palestinian Authority refuses to declare him officially dead as it appears there might be fears of chaos descending upon the region.

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and his wife Suha hold hands prior to Arafat's departure from his compound in the West Bank town of Ramallah in this picture released by the Palestinian Authority Friday Oct. 29, 2004. [AP]

It appears though to me that Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia will be filling in Arafat's shoes, as he is already receiving greater authority to deal with the urgent financial matters pressing in on the PA government.

Although Israel has refused him burial within Jerusalem (citing Jerusalem is for burial of kings not terrorists) they are allowing him to be buried in Gaza. Israel is preparing for possible riots in the PA territories as a result of the power vacuum created by Arafat's death. Selah.

By Darnell Clayton • 4:24 PM • Email Post • •


Saturday, November 06, 2004

Top Opinionated Stories

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After a rather short post election drama President Bush (who thank God was re-elected) gave a speech promising to help unify America. Despite the intensity of the election, the GOP was able to make many gains in the house. Whether or not the nation will be united depends on whether Democrats will get along with the Republican majority.

Israel Link

It looks like Yasser Arafat (whether or not he passes away) will not be buried in Jerusalem near the temple mount as he has requested. Hopefully the American Administration will not pressure Israel into rewarding what many regard as a terrorist. I just hope that the Palestinian people can finally begin living out their dream of a stable government.

Iran Link

Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, right, listens to China's Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, during their official meeting in Tehran, Iran, Saturday Nov. 6, 2004. China Saturday opposed referring Iran's nuclear dossier to the U.N. Security Council for possible economic sanctions and instead called for a solution within the framework of the U.N. nuclear watchdog. (Vahid Salemi / AP)

Last but not least it looks like Europe finally brokered a deal with Iran. Although I doubt that this "New Deal" will last long, I hope that Iran's government will at least keep it's word regarding this treaty. Only time will tell. Selah!

By Darnell Clayton • 5:20 PM • Email Post • •


Friday, November 05, 2004

Assault on Fallujah...

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It looks like the US and Iraqi forces will be leading an assault on Fallujah very soon. Fox News Reports:

A massive strike on the rebel-controlled city of Fallujah could be imminent if a peace deal isn't reached soon, Iraq's leader warned Friday.

Interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said an attack by U.S. and Iraqi forces on the city could begin soon. Troops want to clear the region of insurgents in order to be able to hold elections in January as scheduled.

American forces have already pounded the city earlier in an attempt to "soften" up the insurgents from their continual raid upon US forces and Iraqi civilians. We can only hope that the insurgents are driven out and that civilian casualties are at a minimum. Selah.

By Darnell Clayton • 7:40 PM • Email Post • •


Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bush Country!

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Do you need any more evidence? Selah!

(found picture on Kinshasha's blog--check on side bar)

By Darnell Clayton • 1:09 PM • Email Post • •


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry Concedes...Bush victory!

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Senator Kerry called President Bush and is conceding his bid for the White House. He will give a speech around 1 pm today, EST. I look forward towards the speech. Check source link below. Selah!

By Darnell Clayton • 11:25 AM • Email Post • •


From these pictures...

[Expand Full Post] [Media Source*]

...what do you see? A presidential candidate scoring victory?

With other states finally reporting around 99%-100% of their poll numbers, it looks like to me that the President will accumulate 289 electorial votes with New Mexico, Nevada and Iowa while Kerry will gain a modest 252 electorial votes gaining just Wisconson (source)

*This just in! According to NBC on TV Kerry is going to concede. This will not go on forever. Selah!*

By Darnell Clayton • 10:52 AM • Email Post • •



[Expand Full Post] [Media Source*]

Can you smell the victory? I am excited! Must go and celebrate! Check the source link below! Selah!

By Darnell Clayton • 1:01 AM • Email Post • •


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

It's a Surprise...

[Expand Full Post]

So today I was a poll manager. It was an interesting experience as I got to watch and help people understand the new machines that they were using to affect the future. Although I voted absentee for President Bush, my precint went heavily for John Kerry...Selah.

According to the Blogging CaeserBush is ahead (projected) 102 electoral votes compared to Kerry's 77. DeMint also won my state (South Carolina) and it seems that if things continue in this direction Bush might be re-elected. Selah!

I still have Gmail invites (@gmail.com invite) available if anyone is still searching. All you have to do is post on this site (since it is the easiest way to contact me) and you can get in. Selah!

By Darnell Clayton • 9:42 PM • Email Post • •


Monday, November 01, 2004

Things might get crazy...

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And you thought America was the only nation going through election woes!

According to BBC News (check source link below) the nation of Ukraine is experiencing "election drama" as the hotly contested seat of Prime Minister ended off in a run off between Premier Viktor Yanukovych and his pro-Western opponent Viktor Yushchenko. Early exit polls showed the latter coming out on top but it wasn't enough to avoid a run off. Could this be an indicator of how our US elections might turn out? Only time will tell.

Some of you guys might have heard of Google's new "insider" network called "Orkut." If anyone is interested in joining Orkut (via invite) let me know and I will see if I can get you in. Simply let me know by posting on this blogger (easiest way to get my attention). Also...

If anyone is interested in receiving a Gmail account, I have six invintations available (six Gmail invites for free). Simply email me or post on my blogger. Selah!

By Darnell Clayton • 2:33 PM • Email Post • •


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