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Monday, December 19, 2005

Federal Ruling On Intelligent Design

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Updated: Expand post and scroll down for details.

(MSNBC) A ruling in a landmark federal "intelligent design" trial is expected to be handed down Tuesday, according to court officials.

Judge John E. Jones III's response to six weeks of testimony could determine whether the concept--which attributes the origin of life and the emergence of highly complex life forms to an unidentified intelligent force — can be mentioned in public school science classes.

Scientists, whether Creationists or Evolutionists will be awaiting Judge Jones decision tomorrow, which will either allow the debate to be taught throughout high schools in America or only allow the viewpoint of evolution to be discussed in biology class.

This whole case started a year ago when the Dover Area School Board in PA voted to require students to hear a statement about ID, declaring that evolution is not a fact and has unexplainable gaps. This resulted in a lawsuit by eight families, contending with the decision by the board, objecting to the introduction of ID in the school system.

(MSNBC) Jones' ruling could go in one of three directions, legal experts have said.

He could rule in support of the school district's decision that intelligent design in high-school biology class does not violate the First Amendment, thereby paving the way for the concept to be introduced in public schools across the country.

Or he could decide that intelligent design is unconstitutional because it's religion disguised as science.

Jones could also decide that school board members were motivated by religion when they voted to include intelligent design in the biology curriculum, but avoid ruling on whether intelligent design is legitimate science.

Proponents and opponents of Intelligent Design will have to wait until tomorrow's ruling to know the status of their case. Although many evolutionists argue that Intelligent Design lacks scientific credibility, (as how does one prove God's existence?) ID supporters could counter this by simply viewing the gaps in the evolutionary chart. Although some have provided reasons for these gaps (something Talk Origins attempts to address here, here and here) none of them stand up to common sense and reason.

If evolution did indeed occur on planet Earth, then where are the millions of transitional forms? Despite the rarity of fossils, (due to scavengers, weather and sediment upheaval, etc.) one would assume that these transitional forms would still outnumber the established ones, unless of course animals mutated immediately producing another species (a theory that is laughably unlikely). If evolutionists wish to end the debate then they should allow ID to be presented to the students allowing them to decide for themselves.

After all, if evolution is an established scientific fact, then what are they so afraid of?

Update: Judge has ruled against ID, Kinshasa on the Potamic has the details.

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