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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Space Tourism developing standards

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Photo: The Trifid NebulaReuters-J Rho, Caltech

It seems that the Space Tourism industry is developing standards on their own when it comes to safety. These standards include signing a form accepting risks as well as getting a physical exam. Operators of reuseable space ships will also inform their passengers of the safety of their ship and have to provide safety training before launch.
"We're not going to lose sight of safety," Mineta said in a speech at his department's Commercial Space Transportation Conference. "These guidelines for space tourism respect that this is uncharted territory," allowing operators "to determine the best way to meet the standards."

This is a good sign because by allowing the private sector to establish guidelines on their own they avoid government regulation which could stifle the industry (imagine getting congressional permits to fly). More below.

Their also is a standard for pilots as well.
Pilots of reusable launch vehicles would need to hold an FAA pilot certificate, meet medical standards and be trained to operate their vehicle so it will not harm the public, with emphasis on responding to abort scenarios, emergency operations and procedures that direct the vehicle away from the public in the event of a problem during flight, he said.

Abort Scenarios? Hopefully the private ships include "life pods" that the passengers can escape in if they encounter any problems throughout the flight (okay so these models probably won't, but I am hoping that future models will consider this suggestion). Either way I look forward to more news about this. Selah!

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